Moody Music

Internationally Focused

AM live productions has provided a home to exhibit his versatility as a producer, as well as a platform to showcase the wealth of the emerging talent which he has been pushing in collaborations in his DJ sets.

Musical Versatility

As well as completing several tours of Australia, Europe, America, and Asia. Moody has performed as a resident DJ in venues including Marquee, Tao and Lavo in Las Vegas & Sundance Festival for Apple Music.

Avid Producer

AM continues to garner widespread acclaim on account of his prolific production prowess and dynamic DJ sets from big venue sunset house sets to disco and funk big room party events and fashion week runway music productions.


Andrew Mathers

Moody's brazen style blends all genres without looking to the past. He captivates crowds with instinct, versatile sound and dazzles the club and fashion circuit in London, Paris, Berlin and New York. Moody had carved a distinct niche in the world of underground electronic music, coming to be associated with exquisitely curated cross-genre sets and total dance-floor chaos wherever he plays - from London to New York or Vegas. As a producer, his reputation for bringing this knowledge to forward thinking creations is growing all the time. Born in Sydney and raised in London and New York - the homes of house music and R & B - the city's influence on Moody’s style is deeply ingrained. Like many in the scene, his love affair with music began upon hearing the south London house, garage and soul sounds, then the sounds of R&B records in the New York fashion scene. The art of the mix itself is also very important to Moody, as anyone who has witnessed him play can testify - his subtle mixing skills and the deft, almost sensuous transitions between house, disco, funk, R&B and techno deliver a warm, hypnotic familiar vibe within his sets. This has brought his talents to many of the best venues around the world from International Fashion icons, working with Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Mark Ronson, Kanye and even back-to-back with Common, Ice Cube & Lil Jon - the list goes on, and his influence grows every show.


LYFE Album - Out Now

Inspired by life in Los Angeles, fast moving, un relenting, non forgiving and un apologetic, feel LYFE in LA

Purple Album - Out Now

Inspired by the coastal towns of the Adriatic sea, from Croatia and Italy to Greece and Turkey this music will take your on a tour of the sea.

Dream Stats - New EP Out Now

Inspired by the big beats of the Californian Hip Hop scene, translated into House music and electro.

The 7-track work explores the full breadth of the house genre, traversing breakbeats, low-fi sound explorations, uplifting vocal cuts.

Recent Album Release London Simulation

Sounds inspired by the streets of South London in the 1990's when House Garage breaks and Drum and Bass were seen by the world for the first time.