About Andrew Mathers

Andrew Mathers is a Photographer, Music producer & Creative Director from the United Kingdom, Australia and America. He is the sound designer, director and producer of Moody Music by Andrew Mathers, curated fashion music and entertainment productions, with Andrews history of customers such as British and US Vogue Magazines, Harpers Bizzare & Elle in Uk, Australia and America, there is a lot to take notice of. After a creative director role at Style.com in New York, he remained the digital content creative director of Loreal Paris, including producing fashion sound and video content for Redken as Lancome Cosmetics and shooting with fashion icons such as Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karen & Marc Jacobs to name a few. Travelling to remote fashion shoot destinations around the world for many years and producing music for fashion shows, Andrew collected a specially curated selection of international music from his lifestyle and musical inspiration from England, Europe, Australia and America. Translating this fashion photography knowledge and design enthusiasm, into both music curation and more music production, with a range of music and sounds that are now being created in his Santa Monica Sound Studio. Andrew continues to produce inspired music and DJ Dance Music, as he awaits more world tours and celebrity productions for Getty Images and Entertainment, he will continue to travel the far reaches of the globe when possible, to continue creative collections of the sounds of musical lifestyles afar, now being expressed for your pleasure in musical sculpture.